Based on customer request we have developed numerous blasting machines for specific workpieces and/or applications which mainly differ with regards to handling and level of automization:

Roller Blast Machines

for etching and blastcleaning of printing, embossing and calender rollers

Wheelset Blast Machines

for stripping of wheel sets prior to
crack tests, preparation for subsequent coating

Gantry Blast Machines

for preparing of shipbuilding plates and panels prior to subsequent welding,
for gloss adjustment of embossing plates

Edge Blast Machines

for preparing of shipbuilding profiles and panels prior to subsequent welding

Tube Blast Machines

for internal descaling /defect removal of steel, stainless-steel, copper, titanium, zirconium tubes & coils

Cylinder Blast Machines

for descaling / cleaning the insides of compressed gas and oxygen cylinders

Boiler Blast Machines

for cleaning / roughening of boilers (water heaters) for subsequent enamelling

Decont Blast Machines

for decontamination and cleaning within nuclear power plants

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