Munk + Schmitz Headquarters

Traditional company with a century of experience

In 1880 Josef Munk and Matthias Schmitz founded the “Offene Handelsgesellschaft Munk & Schmitz”. The production consisted mainly of building ornaments and beer fittings as well as gas and water pipe articles.

Munk + Schmitz 1898

In 1918 the company moved to a larger site and built a new factory, which included a boiler shop, coppersmith’s shop, aluminium shop, sheet metal welding shop and machine factory.

Munk + Schmitz 1940

Starting in 1926, beverage tanks with the innovative Emaillit® interior lining were introduced to the market.

Munk + Schmitz 1968

In the 1960s, the triumphal march of the steel tanks lined with Munkadur® for beer, wine and sparkling wine production began. At the same time, the division for the production of sandblasting systems was established.

Munk + Schmitz today

Highly spezialized

Based on the experience and knowledge of more than 100 years, Munk + Schmitz today offers offers a wide range of specialized equipment and services in the field of surface technology. Learn more about the history of Munk + Schmitz in our company profile.

Our most important products and services include:

Worldwide activities

Our international customers have helped us to raise export sales to about 50% of our total business. With partners in the USA, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Russia, South Africa, Singapore and Taiwan we are able to service world-wide markets.

Our license partners for Munkadur® Tank Linings:

Company & Quality Management

Our primary goals are the satisfaction of our customers and employees as well as the conservation of natural resources in the production and use of our products.

Company Management

It is both a pleasure and an honour to continue Munk + Schmitz in the 3rd generation.

Rudolf Baldus
Chief Executive Officer

Quality Management

Our Quality System is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Dr. Peter Cierniak

Quality Management Representative