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55 Years Munkadur® Tank Lining System (1963 until 2018)

Munkadur® was developed in 1963 as a successor for the Phenol based, hot-cured Emaillit® lining. Contrary hereto Munkadur already cures at room temperature and facilitates the lining of tanks at the customers site. Worldwide more than 10,000 beer, champagne and wine tanks have been lined with Munkadur since then. This corresponds to a total lined area of more than 1,000,000 m².

President Rudolf Baldus and Director of Tank Linings Hans-Leo Schröder proudly present the jubilarian

View into a Munkadur® lined beverage tank

Our Team

Division Manager

Heinz-Leo Schröder
Telefon: + 49 221 83908-20

Service Manager

Jens Hirtes
FROSIO Inspector Level III
Phone: +49 221 83908-22

Research & Development

Dr. Peter Cierniak
Phone: +49 221 83908-43