Problast Dustfree Blast Machines

Vacu-Blast, Vacuum Blasting

Problast® Closed-Circuit Blast Machines

Problast® machines feature a unique closed-circuit system, i.e. immediately after the blast media has been thrown onto the workpiece it is recovered and recycled. This ensures a consistent quality of the abrasive and minimises consumption. You are free to blast anywhere in open or closed environments, without interfering with other activities nearby with almost no pollution.

Problast® closed-circuit blast machines are ideally suited for the treatment of flat and rotationally symmetric workpieces. Typical applications are the blasting of rollers (cylinders) and plates (panels) or the cleaning of welds.


Pressure-Fed Machines

In the pressure-fed version blast media stored in the pressure vessel is metered into the air stream and directed with up to supersonic velocity at the workpiece through a specially designed nozzle. Pressure-fed blast machines are mainly used for

  • Rust removal
  • Descaling
  • Cleaning
  • Paint stripping
  • Roughening
  • Shot Peening

For pressure-fed blasting mainly metallic media and aluminium oxide are used.

Continuous Blasting (K-version)

Special applications sometimes require uninterrupted blasting operation for several hours*. In the case of pressure blasting this means that no break is available for the refilling of the pressure vessel. This is rather achieved by a transfer vessel which feeds the main pressure vessel. Whereas the abrasive residing in the main vessel always remains under pressure, the transfer vessel is operating in continuous cycling mode: depressurization – refilling from the storage hopper – pressurization – refilling of the main pressure vessel.

*) An optionally available external refilling hopper ensures a constant operating mixture by feeding fresh abrasive into the vacuum hose.

Suction-Fed Machines

In the suction-fed version the blast media is drawn to the nozzle by a venturi generated within a special gun assembly. Suction-fed blast machines are mainly used for

  • Mattening
  • Roughening
  • Cleaning

For suction-fed blasting mainly non-metallic media such as glass beads and aluminium oxide are used.

Which type of blast media?

Our blasting systems are suitable for all blast media that can be reused.

Blast media