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Problast 60 SV
(96 cfm injector nozzle, vacuum pump)

Machine type
Mobile injection-fed air blasting machine with blast gun (closed-circuit blasting machine)

Rust removal, descaling, paint stripping, weld and mould cleaning, roughening and etching of rollers


  • Blast gun for simultaneous blasting and recovery of blast media and dust
  • Storage hopper for reclaimed blast media
  • Reclaimer (air cyclone) for separation of re-usable blast media from the recovery air flow
  • Dust collector with dust bin for dust cleaning of recovery air flow
  • Vacuum generator for generation of recovery air flow
  • Maintenance unit for control of blasting pressure

Blasting method: injection-fed
Vacuum generation: vacuum pump
Blast cycle duration (max.): continuous

Air consumption (at 6.3 bar): 2.7 m³/min
Energy consumption: 5.5 kW
Coating: RAL 5015

Dimensions (L/W/H): 2,050/750/2,150 mm
Empty weight: 390 kg
Hose length: 8 m

Blast gun: Ø 103 mm
Blast nozzle (boron carbide): Ø 14 mm (96 cfm)
Effective blast track width: 22 – 25 mm

Blast media grit size recommended:

  • metallic 0.2 – 1.3 mm
  • non-metallic 0.1 – 1.3 mm

Blast media throughput at 6 bar:

  • metallic 4.0 kg/min
  • non-metallic 3.3 kg/min

Blast media storage capacity with 120 l vessel:

  • metallic 400 kg
  • non-metallic 200 kg

Filter area: 21 m²
Dust separation efficiency: > 99.9 %